when the plan to win over coolio doesn’t work

a glorious black and white gifset of jimin from eyes nose and lips: jungkook’s cover (ft. jungkook) for anonymous

Anonymous: Please make a glorious black and white gifset of jimin from their eyes nose and lips; jungkook's cover?


Anonymous: hi~ can you give me the link of the just one day mission video? and does it have english subs? thank you! ^^

i found one with eng subs here~

bangtan’s just one day mission for anonymous

Anonymous: Please could you make a gif set of their one day mission video?


Anonymous: hi! can you make a gifset of jin from no more dream jpn ver the making, where he acting the locker scene with jhope, jimin and v?

i’m sorry but we can’t. :( we’re not supposed to gif any of the bangtan dvds’ content.

j-hope is not impressed

angelichuimang: What show is your last posted J-hope gif from? the one with: hoseok too distracted by your beauty to speak :3
Anonymous: what programs do you use to make gifs?

everyone uses photoshop~ i used the cs5 extended version